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Richard Collin: Avoid thinking in blocks, boxes and silos!

The “Social Enterprise” is the hot topic today at E20 SUMMIT. But what is the idea behind this term? In the advance to the conference I have asked Prof. Richard…

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Medley of Statements on the Social Enterprise (R)Evolution

During the last months I have collected some statements of our E20 SUMMIT partners regarding news on their solutions, evaluations of the Social Business evolutions and statements on success factors…

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Enterprise 2.0 initiatives – at the crossroads to success or failure!?

Despite of the various on-going projects many companies are still struggling with their Social Business initiatives. Only a few companies have really leveraged a substantial business value from social technology…


Can the Social Enterprise (R)Evolution be systematically evolved?

Recent research results like the one of the McKinsey study have showed that the adoption of social business technology is on a good track. Especially big, multi-national companies in all…

Robert Shaw, Atos

Robert Shaw: Leadership from the top sets a great example!

Review on a little chat with Robert Shaw (Atos) about the “Zero Email Initiative”

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The Others – a perception of HR

As always, things pop into my head during movies, hangouts and reading certain posts and articles. One of those things lurking in my brain is the topic of HR and…

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Yves Darnige: Focus on a process-driven enablement of the line of businesses!

At the moment we hardly can keep track with the interesting discussions we are undergoing about the further evolutions of the “social enterprise thing”. While we are looking forward to…

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Translation of social ideas into the language of HR and Organizational Development is the big challenge!

As we are having again another Google Hangout session on the HR topic this Wednesday (see this Facebook and/or this Google event) I just wanted to share with you my views…

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Thomas Pichon: Success with social technologies needs more than gut instinct

In addition to my posting two weeks ago I have recorded a little interview with Thomas Pichon from blogspirit. Thomas is the engagement and gamification expert at blogSpirit, an enterprise…

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Harold Jarche: E20 & HR are talking different languages!

It’s been already two weeks since our last virtually “extended” E20 Meetup in Paris on the role of HR and OD in Enterprise 2.0 initiatives. We have already published the transcript of…

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