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Social Enterprise 2013 – The End of the Beginning!?

Recent discussions in my network show some concerns regarding the job changes of experts in the field of social business. For example Rawn Shah, ex-Social Business visionary at IBM and…


Dion Hinchcliffe: The top challenge is culture change!

In advance to our E20 SUMMIT I had the chance of asking Dion Hinchcliffe, Chief Strategy Officer of the Dachis Group and keynote speaker at the E20 SUMMIT 2013, some…

Metrics of Enterprise 2.0 Management

On the way to a social business analytics framework!

At E20 SUMMIT we are discussing all kind of project challenges for the E20 adoption and social enterprise transformation initiatives. While the actions for the adoption and transformation process have…

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Adoption & Engagement Management as Key Excellence Factors for the E20 Project

E20 success depends on systematic adoption & engagement management

As discussed in my post yesterday the call is out there to make the social business transformation happen and it’s time to advance the distinguished discussion on the how to…

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Adoption & Engagement Management as Key Excellence Factors for the E20 Project

Thinking about the “secret sauce” for the Enterprise 2.0 project management

Since the Enterprise 2.0 SUMMIT in February I do a lot of pondering about the “secret sauce” of successful Enterprise 2.0 projects. As an outcome of the Paris event we…

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E20 as a mean to support the organizational performance goals of HR

As already mentioned in my recent blog post we are strongly heading towards a more HR und Organizational Development driven discussion at our events like the E20 SUMMIT and the…

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Openness better than information hiding

The new spy scandal of Renault shows impressively that it doesn’t help, if a company tries to secure research and development plans. You can’t ever be sure that not some…

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Does the legitimacy of members of my social graph increase the importance and trustworthiness of my information?

A number of scholars have argued that if an actor’s partner in a network form of organization possesses considerable legitimacy or status, then the actor may derive legitimacy or status…

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Culture starts with the difference between the sales and IT guy

As the Enterprise 2.0 SUMMIT is a European conference, we certainly need to discuss the multi-cultural challenges of introducing E 2.0 in international companies. Last year, Craig Hepburn from the…

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Enterprise 2.0 helps to avoid disaster

It seems that the explosion on the Deepwater Horizon oil platform was foreseeable. The workmen on the platform saw a lot of problems with the technique, but were afraid to…

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