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Oscar Berg: Need for a holistic grip on the digital work environment!

Dieser Beitrag entstammt aus der Konferenzbroschüre zum IOM SUMMIT 2013. In the preparation of the IOM SUMMIT 2013 we have interviewed Oscar Berg, Strategist & Business Analyst at Avega Group…

Social Enterprise 2013 – The End of the Beginning!?

Recent discussions in my network show some concerns regarding the job changes of experts in the field of social business. For example Rawn Shah, ex-Social Business visionary at IBM and…


Re-Awakening to the Enterprise 2.0 Season 2013/2014!

It’s been quiet in our “Enterprise 2.0″ universe during the last weeks and months because we have been involved in some still on-going “construction works” around our online premises. The…


Richard Collin: Avoid thinking in blocks, boxes and silos!

The “Social Enterprise” is the hot topic today at E20 SUMMIT. But what is the idea behind this term? In the advance to the conference I have asked Prof. Richard…

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Dion Hinchcliffe: The top challenge is culture change!

In advance to our E20 SUMMIT I had the chance of asking Dion Hinchcliffe, Chief Strategy Officer of the Dachis Group and keynote speaker at the E20 SUMMIT 2013, some…


Let’s get on the #e20s journey!

Tomorrow we are kicking off the 2013 edition of the Enterprise 2.0 SUMMIT and we are very excited. We have a very nice crowd coming to the conference and we looking forward to good “vibes” and a lot of knowledge exchange.

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Medley of Statements on the Social Enterprise (R)Evolution

During the last months I have collected some statements of our E20 SUMMIT partners regarding news on their solutions, evaluations of the Social Business evolutions and statements on success factors…

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Key driver for success: Aligning E20 initiatives with business challenges & goals!

In addition to yesterday’s post on the challenges that E20/Social Business projects are facing at the moment I have collected some opinions of experts that are participating in next week’s…

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Enterprise 2.0 initiatives – at the crossroads to success or failure!?

Despite of the various on-going projects many companies are still struggling with their Social Business initiatives. Only a few companies have really leveraged a substantial business value from social technology…

Metrics of Enterprise 2.0 Management

On the way to a social business analytics framework!

At E20 SUMMIT we are discussing all kind of project challenges for the E20 adoption and social enterprise transformation initiatives. While the actions for the adoption and transformation process have…

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