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Oscar Berg: Need for a holistic grip on the digital work environment!

Dieser Beitrag entstammt aus der Konferenzbroschüre zum IOM SUMMIT 2013. In the preparation of the IOM SUMMIT 2013 we have interviewed Oscar Berg, Strategist & Business Analyst at Avega Group…

Social Enterprise 2013 – The End of the Beginning!?

Recent discussions in my network show some concerns regarding the job changes of experts in the field of social business. For example Rawn Shah, ex-Social Business visionary at IBM and…

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The digital workplace for everyone – The next step or a bad idea?

I am looking forward to the Enterprise 2.0 Summit in Paris this March. I am really excited about the topic and idea of this summit: “Enabling the Social Enterprise (R)Evolution“….

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The Santa Sleigh Model

Well, it’s Christmas time – the most holly and jolly time of the year. People seem to be friendlier and try to get along with each other. Overall it is…

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Digital illiteracy or do we know how to handle the tech?

As I was watching the E20 experts hangout “Concretizing the Digital Workplace” I notice a very interesting statement from Ana Silva (@anadatagirl). She said that there might be a lack…

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The digital workplace is the eco-system of enterprise platforms and services

In preparation for the IOM SUMMIT, we spoke with Jane MC Connell, one of our keynote speakers. Jane gives us an insight into her speech and her views on the digital workplace:…


Walking the Talk on the Search for the Social Business Excellence

It’s been a while that I have published some content in this place – and it’s hard to find into blogging-mode again after weeks of not contributing. After all many…

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Warum ich den Terminus ‘Social Business’ nicht mag!

Wie in meinem letzten Beitrag schon angedeutet, habe ich Bauchschmerzen mit dem Terminus “Social Business”! Warum? Weil er versucht alles in eine Schublade zu stecken, was sicherlich vor dem Hintergrund…

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Lee Bryant on Social CRM as conversations and treating customers as individuals

Lee Bryant, co-founder & director of Headshift, will be talking about an holistic approach to the collaborative enterprise in his keynote at the Enterprise 2. SUMMIT. This is what he…

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Oscar Berg on transparency

Oscar Berg, Senior Management Consultant at Acando in Sweden, will be holding a presentation at this year’s Enterprsie 2.0 SUMMIT. He is going to talk about transparency and the challenges…

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