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Social Enterprise 2013 – The End of the Beginning!?

Recent discussions in my network show some concerns regarding the job changes of experts in the field of social business. For example Rawn Shah, ex-Social Business visionary at IBM and…


Dion Hinchcliffe: The top challenge is culture change!

In advance to our E20 SUMMIT I had the chance of asking Dion Hinchcliffe, Chief Strategy Officer of the Dachis Group and keynote speaker at the E20 SUMMIT 2013, some…


Let’s get on the #e20s journey!

Tomorrow we are kicking off the 2013 edition of the Enterprise 2.0 SUMMIT and we are very excited. We have a very nice crowd coming to the conference and we looking forward to good “vibes” and a lot of knowledge exchange.

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Medley of Statements on the Social Enterprise (R)Evolution

During the last months I have collected some statements of our E20 SUMMIT partners regarding news on their solutions, evaluations of the Social Business evolutions and statements on success factors…

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Why Taylorism prevails in the knowledge economy (and what to do about it)

Post by our Guest Blogger Cecil Dijoux I have been blogging quite substantially about Lean Management lately and I have noticed a common purpose with Agile methodologies (which get me…

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Keep talking, I’m still not listening – or why Social CRM becomes relevant today

At the International Forum on Enterprise 2.0 in Milan, Mark Tamis from Net-7 and Esteban Kolsky from ThinkJar talked about “A new era of customer engagement with Social CRM”. Their…

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Enterprise 2.0 – an evolution or revolution of the organisation

While cleaning up my inbox I stumbled upon some old mail conversations of our advisory board regarding a dogmatic discussion about whether Enterprise 2.0 is an "evolution" or "revolution". From…

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Will Enterprise 2.0 fail?

What do you think? Is he right? My initial reaction was like “ugh, this is just overly pessimistic”, but it’s an interesting point of view anyway … Enterprise 2.0 will…

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