Re-Awakening to the Enterprise 2.0 Season 2013/2014!

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It’s been quiet in our “Enterprise 2.0″ universe during the last weeks and months because we have been involved in some still on-going “construction works” around our online premises. The objective was to to tie up our content and event platforms more closely together. Furthermore we were – and still are – preparing for the next round of events that are starting with the beginning of September.

But now we are undergoing a kind of “re-awakening” action to get out and ignite again the discussions around the Enterprise 2.0 and Social Enterprise movement – as the topic is very much on the spot in many enterprises.

Restructuring content and giving it a new coat

Over the years the topic of Enterprise 2.0 & Social Business has evolved from “exploring the new unknown” towards “explaining the different actions to take” for introducing social interaction practices in the company and helping the company to adapt to the changing cultural settings. The “Enterprise 2.0″ thing is very different depending what cultural background we are starting off. Within an enterpreneural structure an open and interdisciplinary knowledge exchange is still part of the organization’s DNA – while the complex multicorporation enterprise has lost this approach over the year’s of growth, specialization and processual optimization.

Therefore discussing the “different actions to take” to achieve the “Enterprise 2.0″ needs a differentiated view. On this blog we have thus re-structured the content into the different categories of explaining the “Enterprise 2.0/Social Enterprise thing” (from the conceptional view towards the organizational explanation of the changed structures and models), explaining the different action scopes of the “Enterprise 2.0 project management” with the idea of a systematic approach to take actions and last but not least describing different fields of social practices and its specific challenges. With the upcoming post we will try to explore the topic in this more differentiated way.

Furthermore we have giving this blog a new “coat” that hopefully helps better to explore and experience the content.

Providing more relevant content

Though solving the E20/Social Business project success equation is still an international and therefore mostly English based task – not English natively speaking communities always need and have their own discussions. This is needed as the understanding of the values of social interaction paradigms is in many ways difficult – because of its indirect nature – and different – because of the interdependency towards the cultural background the community is coming from. The discussing about it is even more difficult when it is challenged by language interpretations.

Therefore we have also introduced a German based content stream to this blog at and its own feed. German readers are welcomed to subscribe to this new feed or – if you like – to our newsletter that will provide you with a monthly summary of the contributions and discussions in our blog.

For this German (but hopefully also for the English) part I am very happy to introduce some more contributors – my dear colleague Thomas Koch has planned to support with some monitoring and reporting of recent research and study results. Furthermore I like to welcome Andreas Schulze-Kopp and Ellen Trude as two more irregular contributor to this blog. Both are Enterprise 2.0 veterans and certainly provide valuable insights to this blog.

We are looking forward to take up more languages as Europe is so manifolded in its cultural and language settings. And we are gappy for any suggested contributions!

Starting off with a new series of events

Besides the work on our blog we are also busily preparing the next series of events – starting with beginning of September. First of all we have planned to take up again the E20 Practice Talks as regular online platform for discussions. The E20 Practice Talks are Google hangout discussions with invited participants discussing specific topics. The idea is to provide a platform for presenting different experiences and opinions on the topic from all over Europe and the world. The first one of the re-entry is schedulde for September 13.

Furthermore we want to resume the E20 Meetups – in Paris but also elsewhere if there is any interest. The E20 Meetups are regular local meetups of E20 experts and practioneers. The problem during the last meetups was to provide an additional value comparing to all the other local networking events. The new idea for the future meetups is to collect questions prior to the meetup to be discussed. We will also try to wrap up all the discussions in our blog – thus to open up the discussions to the public. The first meetup of the new series in Paris is scheduled for September 18.
IOM SUMMIT 2013 - Anwenderkonferenz zu Intranet, Enterprise 2.0 & Social Knowledge ManagementLast but not least we are already in the mode of conference planning. The next event is our German based IOM SUMMIT – the German version of the Enterprise 2.0 SUMMIT as the IOM SUMMIT ( with IOM as the abbreviation for Information & Organisation Management) is the successor event of our Intranet SUMMIT with the development of a digital and social workplace at the key focus of the discussion. Though many staffed with German practice talks we are happy to welcome also some English speaking experts – with Oscar Berg, Martin Rasmussen, Andrew Wright, Luis Suarez and Anna van Wassenaer.
Next in line there will be the i2 SUMMIT in Zuerich in November with social intranet and engagement web discussions. And after that we are already approaching the Enterprise 2.0 SUMMIT. For that one we are thinking about a new concept – very much exciting but not yet ready to be announced.
Therefore we have quite some task on our agenda that we are looking for to. If you have anymore suggestions on how to add more value to the overall discussion and what to add or improve, feel free to let us know.

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Bjoern Negelmann

Bjoern Negelmann

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