An energetic adoption lead is the key to success for the social adoption!

Last Friday we organized another virtual discussion panel as part of the – with a nice group of excellent topic experts. Last week’s session was on the “challenges and recommendations for the social adoption” and included Simon Scullion, Tobias Mitter, Rawn Shah, and Anna van Wassenaer-Golla as experts in the session. For all those people who had missed the session - you can find the recorded session “Challenges & Recommendations for the Social Adoption” below.

So what have been the key conclusions from the discussion with the experts regarding the social adoption process?

  • One of the key challenges is to understand the own business processes and the culture of the company. Companies have to clearly identify their business problems that have to be solved with social software processes. Stakeholder have to understand the need, benefits and maturity running a social software project.
  • The identified business problems are the focal point for the adoption planning.
  • A good planning is as essential as good change management competencies within the adoption team.
  • Management support is important, but even more the top management needs to act as role model to be the perfect example on how to act as social employee.
  • At the heart of the project the adoption lead needs to coordinate all the activities, communities and discussions. What kind of skills is needed for a good adoption lead? “Someone who understands that perfect is the enemy of good”, full of energy, somenone who has an excellent network and has a medium amount of authority.

As a conclusion to the #e20s ExpertTalk I would summarize that the key to success for the social adoption process is the energetic project lead that drives the project forward beyond all hurdles and problems.

New LIDA Award category for the ‘Project Lead of the Year’

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Andreas Schulze-Kopp

Andreas Schulze-Kopp

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